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Summer 2020 Textbooks Rentals are due back by the end of the business day on Wednesday, August 5. You may ship your rental returns to us as described in our rental policy, or you can bring them in. We're open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.

Here at UBE, we're proud of our self-funded rental program, one of the largest private and self-funded rental textbook programs in the country, and it's supplemented by rental partnership programs with the top three textbook wholesale companies in the business, along with publisher rental programs from both Pearson Education and McGraw Hill. So how does textbook rental work?

You pick out your textbooks from our shelves, and if a title is available for rent, our price cards will give four prices (new purchase, used purchase, new rental and used rental) instead of two. Tell your cashier you want to rent certain titles. We'll put your credit card on file, in case you don't turn it in at the end of the semester, and you'll pocket the savings up front (though at the end of the semester, you'll have to give us the book back, and you won't be able to sell it to us). If you don't turn it in at the end of the semester, we'll charge you for the new purchase price, less any rental fees already paid, using the card you put on file with us at the beginning of the semester.

Now you can rent your textbooks online!

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